Programmatic monetization platform for 3D Spacial platforms such as AR & VR:

  • Admix is first fully programmatic monetisation platform for 3D Spacial developers e.g. 3D games and AR/VR applications/content, enabling non-intrusive, programmatic adverts/product placements.
  • Admix matches supply and demand in real-time: developers define spaces in their content they want to sell via Admix; advertisers then place the adverts via Admix’s DSP roster. Admix has integrated to 10 global DSPs, whereas BidStack has just signed up its first 2.

The company is based in London and is led by Samuel Huber as CEO, Joe Bachle-Morris as COO and Mark Rich as CTO.

Key Statistics

15% Reach amongst XR users worldwide

300 million Ad requests monthly

100+ Advertisers have spent with Admix

Founders: Samuel Huber, CEO, Joe Bachle-Morris