Platform to enable automation & quantification of environmental risk assessment:

  • Ambisense AmbilyticsTM encompasses both IoT and AI solutions, combining information from remotely deployed field devices with contextual data sources such as weather, satellite, geophysical and operational data to build machine learning models.
  • These models identify the relationships, patterns, and drivers hidden within the data and allow our customers to forecast and predict the behaviour of targeted environmental pollutants.
  • To meet the growing demand for cost-effective bespoke instrumentation for bespoke applications, Ambisense has developed a tool-kit to enable customers build fully customizable, web-enabled instruments to acquire and analyse the data required quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Ambisense GasfluX™ is the world’s first continuous gas and flow monitoring device for ground-gas applications. The technology enables, real-time monitoring of landfills, brownfield sites, onshore O&G facilities, and industrial sites.

Founder: Stephen McNulty, CEO