Episode 4: The Role of AI in Financial Services

1 June 2023

In our latest podcast episode, Brian KinaneSure Valley Ventures Co-Founder and Tom Winnifrith, dive into the role of AI in the automation of financial services and banking with experts in this field from Pires portfolio company Jaid.

Jaid is an AI-powered platform that extracts critical data from diverse company and customer communications, organises the data into actionable insights and seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. Hear from Jaid CEO Dan Kramer and CTO Mark Barton about the role of AI in financial analysis, fraud prevention, customer service, portfolio construction and compliance.

Throughout the episode, they address the ethical considerations surrounding AI adoption, data privacy concerns, and the future role of humans in an increasingly automated financial landscape. The Jaid team also explains how to stand out as an AI business in financial services and why it’s so important to understand the problem you are trying to solve.

Tune in to the conversation below.