The Impact of AI – Episode 2

19 May 2023

In the second episode of Techcast – a new podcast exploring the world of AI – Brian Kinane, Founding Partner at Sure Valley Ventures, and co-host Tom Winnifrith, speak to Ronan Murphy about the huge benefits of using AI in cybersecurity & data security as well as the substantial risks.

The podcast also covers narrow AI models and the powerful use cases, the cybersecurity skills shortage, the future impact of AI on jobs and why it’s more important than ever to continually evolve your cybersecurity maturity and stay ahead of the curve.

Ronan is Founder & Executive Chairman of Smarttech247, a leading cybersecurity company whose award-winning solutions help organisations simplify their security operations and reduce their cyber risk. Ronan is also Co-Founder of Getvisibility, a leader in AI/ ML for the classification, discovery and protection of unstructured data.

Sure Valley Ventures and Pires are investors in Smarttech247 and Getvisibility.

Tune in to the conversation below.