Governments, organisations and the owners of assets are increasingly focused on identifying parties and individuals who may represent a security threat. Security services and organisations are therefore investing in real time solutions that can help provide them with additional intelligence to use their resources more efficiently and effectively, so they can act in a more proactive and preventative way.

PreCog provides a comprehensive security solution that, through their software platform and IoT hardware infrastructure, can monitor people flow and detect the movement of persons of interest thereby ensuring that locations are protected from those who wish to cause damage. PreCog is able to collect and analyse data to provide unique, scalable and actionable intelligence that helps its clients to combat organised crime, human trafficking and terrorism.

PreCog was incorporated in January 2020 and has participated in and been supported by the Microsoft for Startups programme and, via this programme, has established a partnership with Arrow ECS, a world-leading distributor and contract manufacturer. As part of this relationship, Arrow is manufacturing the hardware components for the PreCog system.