WarDucks – aiming to be the most people-centric game development studio in the world

  • WarDucks build incredible, high quality, fun games and experiences for users to play on VR devices. Gaming is a major VR sector and expected to growth rapidly over the next 5 years.
  • Success gained through audience engagement and feedback on gameplay
  • Founded by former Facebook employee, and boasting a team with some of the most talented and experienced minds in the industry
  • First two VR titles, Sneaky Bears and sequel Sneaky Bears Rollercoaster, ranked respectively at 24th and 2nd in the top grossing category on Samsung Gear VR. Now available on Playstation VR with positive user feedback.
  • Suir Valley Ventures invested along with Enterprise Ireland and existing private investors, who followed on from the Angel round.

Founder: Nikki Lannen