Aiming to be the “Stripe for the Internet of Things

  • Launched in 2015, Wia is a ground-breaking IoT cloud platform enabling developers to turn any type of sensor device into a secure, smart, useful application in a matter of minutes.
  • Generates considerable time and cost savings for teams who would have previously had to spend many months on 100,000s of lines of code to try to build out their own IoT cloud infrastructure.
  • Award-winning end-to-end platform provides full device and application management, security, data capture and storage, analysis, control, as well as the seamless integration of enterprise systems.
  • Used by developers in over 85 countries. In addition, Wia has partnerships in place with leading technology companies including Sigfox, PubNub and Twilio, and plans to expand to the US. It also plans to launch its latest product this year which will incorporate the world’s first off the shelf IoT billing system.

Founder: Conall Laverty